Why you shouldn’t use an automated purchase tool to find domains for your blog

How do you know which domain name is a good buy domain for your site?It is possible to get domain name information for a website domain.For example, you can get domain information for http://example.com/ by using a free tool called the domain finder.This tool allows you to quickly and easily find a domain name with […]

How to find expired domains by proxy

An email has been sent to domains byproxy asking for the contact information for domain owners in Ireland.The domain registrar, Ascin, was not available to comment on the request.Domain owners with questions about the domain names can call Ascin on 077 927 8555.For those who are unable to call, the company Targus also provides a service to help […]

Why do you want to be a genius? – New York Times

title The New York City Times has an article on how to become a genius: http://bit.ly/2fRb6Zv The New Yorker article on the topic of how to be famous: http://bit-ly/1d1a3xM The New Republic article on why you should become a celebrity: http://nymag.com/books/features/why-i-become-famous-new-republic-author-fbi-professor-says-14079794/The-New-Republic-article-and-article/article/news/why–i–become–famous-article#.VxUgKdK4gDThe New Yorker has a long list of books that they recommend to everyone: http: […]

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