How to get rid of ‘DND’ from domain names

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade has banned the domain name “dndcouncil”, a reference to a council of the Indian National Congress (INC), a political party, and the name “DND” for Indian police.

The department has also asked internet service providers (ISPs) to block the domain from being accessed and redirected.

The ministry of foreign affairs and trade has said the domain, which is registered by the DND, is not an official one and therefore it is not allowed to be used in the official government domain name system.

The ministry had issued a directive to internet service provider (ISP) providers to block access to the domain by “allowing the access of the domain through various means, including but not limited to redirecting the users to other services”.

The domain was registered in February 2014 and was registered by a company called Tewari Software Pvt Ltd in New Delhi.

The domain was later used by DND to launch a campaign to register the domain and its website,, in the Indian capital.

The domain had been used by a group of activists in Delhi, who had earlier organised protests demanding that the BJP be formed in the city.

The protests were peaceful and the protesters were arrested by the Delhi Police on May 6, 2015.

The website of the DndCouncillors was not accessible at the time.

The website had links to various news and opinion sites.

However, a screenshot from the website of a website of one of the protesters was also available.

The screenshot showed the website having a link to a news site.