Google launches new Google Maps API

Recode editor Emily Meehan and senior editor David Auerbach discuss Google’s new mapping API.

The API is designed to allow users to find information from Google Maps by searching for geographic areas within a specified range.

It’s similar to the Maps API for iOS, and is similar to Apple’s API in a few ways.

First, it doesn’t use the same APIs for location services like Apple Maps and Google Maps.

Google Maps for iOS uses a Google Maps-like location API for location-based services like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Google uses its own location API to make the maps available to users on iOS devices.

Second, Google Maps does not provide any location services to the public, as it is intended to be used by businesses and other organizations for the purposes of mapping.

Google is allowing third parties to develop and distribute the API for these purposes, and Google expects to have some of the public data on its Maps platform by the end of 2019.

Third, Google is limiting the amount of data it can allow third parties and other businesses to use the API, which is similar in many ways to Apple Maps’ limited data sharing.

For example, Google says that third parties can’t use Google Maps to create their own apps for the Maps app, but that third party developers can do so if they wish.

Google also requires the third party to use Google’s proprietary mapping algorithms.

Third party developers may also be able to make use of the API to add their own maps, and there’s a mechanism to allow third party maps to be added to the map.

This is a big step for Google’s mapping APIs.

Google has been working to make its maps available in more ways than just using a simple map of a location, but the Maps platform is still a bit of a work in progress.