Domaine serenes winery gets name check from NHL

Domaine Serene, owner of Domaine Serenade Winery, will get a nod from the NHL to name a brand in his winery.

The NHL will be handing out naming rights to the Domaine winery and the Domane Serenades Winery to the NHLPA and its partners, including the NHL and the NHL Players Association, the league announced Friday.

The league will also be distributing a special prize pack of three Domaine brand glasses, and the league will be giving a special award to the winner of the Domene Serenasion brand glass.

Serenade is an Italian winery founded by Domaine, and it produces a wide range of wines including Domaine and Domane.

The Domaine wine is produced under the Domanica brand name, and Domaine is a subsidiary of the Italian family of Domains.

The Domaine sours include Domane and Domana.

The winery has been the subject of a trademark dispute with Domaine in the U.S., and the company is in negotiations to settle that dispute.

The winning design will be unveiled at the league’s annual general managers meeting in St. Louis.

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This is the second year Domaine has gotten a nod to get its name on a brand.

In 2014, the Domailline brand name was given to Domaine Spirits, a winery that has since gone bankrupt.

Domaine announced the winery’s demise in September, saying the company had been unable to make the necessary financial commitments to the company and its brands.

The NFLPA, in conjunction with the NHL, is providing the league with the winning design for the Domain Serenaded brand glasses.

The NHLPA has also awarded Domaine a name check to the league to give its teams a brand to identify with in the years to come.