New York Giants defensive end is one of the most prolific players in NFL history

New York Jets safety Devin McCourty is one in a long line of great players who made a huge impact for the New York team.

He played the entire 2006 season and his career in the NFL, including five seasons in New York, and he was one of those players who earned a reputation for his physicality, and toughness.

His career was a great example of a great defensive end that won with the mental toughness of his team.

The Jets had been through a few of those before McCourity and his teammates, including former Jets great Jerome Bettis, played in a Super Bowl.

McCoury is a fan favorite and an icon of the Jets.

He was a second-round pick of the New England Patriots in 2006, and his first season in New England he had five interceptions and a league-leading 31 tackles.

He started the 2007 season on injured reserve, but played in the final eight games of the season, and led the Patriots with 16 tackles and two forced fumbles.

He returned to the lineup in 2008, when he had a career-high 34 tackles and a career high seven interceptions.

The following year, McCourtty made the Pro Bowl for the first time in his career, playing in all 12 games and recording six tackles.

McCoursons rookie season in 2009 was also a great highlight for the Jets, as he was voted as the team’s MVP.

He also started all 14 games for the team that season.

After making the Pro-Bowl his first year in New Orleans, McCoursty had the following season to add a second Pro Bowl season to his resume, as the Jets reached the AFC Championship Game and were knocked out in the Super Bowl by the Indianapolis Colts.

The next year, he played his best football of the year, recording 10 tackles, three interceptions, and two fumble recoveries.

He had five sacks in the season’s final six games, and then in 2010, he had his best season with nine sacks and eight forced fumblings.

He joined the Jets in 2011 as the starting nose tackle, and had a fantastic season in 2011.

His numbers in 2012, when the Jets won the Superbowl, were even better, with 11 sacks, 14 tackles for a loss, and a forced fumble.

He has had another great year in 2013, and now is a lock for another Pro Bowl berth.

He is also an MVP favorite, having won his second Super Bowl MVP award and a second straight Pro Bowl MVP.

McCourtty also is a leader on the team, and is one to be admired for his work ethic.

The team has always been a team of winners.

In 2012, McCourttty and defensive end Damon Harrison were among the first two Jets to win their division.

That year, the Jets were ranked sixth in the AFC in points scored.

In 2013, the team was ranked third in the league in points allowed.

In 2014, the franchise was ranked first in the division in points.

In 2015, the NFL was ranked second in the conference.

In 2016, the AFC was ranked fifth in the NFC.

In 2017, the Superdome was the most visited stadium in the country.

The players and coaching staff have made the fans proud in New Jersey, as well.

McCurry has earned a ton of respect in the locker room, and the fans love him for his hustle, hustle play and passion for the game.

He will always be remembered for his amazing season and the contributions he made to the team and the Jets organization.