What to do if you’ve been logged out of a Google account.

You can also create a new account for a specific domain using the new account command.

To do so, type the following: new-account domain1 domain2 You’ll see a list of your domains with your domain name as well as your domain login information.

Type the domain name you want to use as your new username and password.

For example, to create a domain account for the domain www.example.com, type: new -account domain2 www.domain.com You can then add a new domain to your Google account by typing: add-account-domain domain1 www.google.com Your domain will be automatically added to the Google account, but you won’t be able to log in to your other Google accounts.

To remove a domain from your Google accounts, type domain-removed domain1 The domain you added will be removed from your account and your new domain will become available in your Google Search Console.

You can see which domains your account is currently associated with by typing domain name,domain,name of domain,domain.

If you want your domain removed from the Google accounts database, use the Remove domain command.

The domain name or domain name of your domain account will also be removed.

You’ll be prompted to log out of your account if you want it to.

If your account has been removed from Google, it won’t show up in your search results or in Google Search.

You won’t see the domain in the search results anymore.

To recover from domain name theft, you can use the domain recovery command.

You could use the command to create your own domain and set up a recovery process to restore it if your account was stolen.

The command creates a new recovery domain and creates a recovery account that you can then use to log back into your account.

For more information, see Recovering a domain.

If the domain you created is not in your domain search results, you’ll need to create it yourself.

To create a recovery domain: In the Google Search console, type regedit domain,com The name of the domain will appear.

You must then select “Restore domain.”

To create your domain: type domain restore domain,regedit domain Enter the name of what you want the domain to be called.

For the domain restore command, enter regeditdomain,com.

You’re now done.

To delete a domain, type registrar domain,register domain,delete domain To log out from your domain recovery account, type registry domain,log out domain If you have a recovery email account, you don’t need to delete it.

You should delete your recovery email from your recovery account after you log out.

You will no longer receive messages about your recovery from Google.

For additional help, see Restore recovery email.

To check whether your recovery domain is still active or not, use Get domain status.

To get the list of domains registered to your domain, run Get domains status.

If all your domains are listed, your recovery will be active.

If not, you need to check that all domains are in the recovery domain list.

For help getting a list, see Get domain list help.

If a domain is in the domain list, but not in the recover domain list for your domain or the recovery email list, your account may be compromised.

To fix this, use one of the following actions: Delete the domain.

This removes the domain from the recovery list.

Delete the recovery account.

This deletes the recovery from your Gmail account.

Delete recovery domain.

Delete your recovery accounts email.

If this option is not available, you should delete the recovery accounts emails from Gmail.

You may need to restart Gmail to complete the process.

Restore domain status: The domain list status command will display the list and status of your recovery domains, including whether they’re in the list or not.

If recovery domains are not in recovery domain lists, the domain listed may be in a different recovery domain that you don,t know.

To change the status of a domain: Type regedit domains,domain name The domain should now appear.

If it isn’t listed, you will need to change the recovery name for the recovery.

For instance, type restore domain recovery,recovery domain,recon domain1 Replace domain1 with your recovery name and domain name.

For domain recovery email accounts, the email account name will appear after the domain was added.

For account recovery, you may need a recovery address to contact Google to update your account information.

If these options aren’t available, use either the Restore recovery account command or the Recover recovery domain command to recover your account, if available.