Why are you so worried about the domain you bought?

In a bid to ensure that its new owners are fully protected, a new domain for a family of Polish men in search of a new home is under attack. 

The domain Wix.pl, which was created by the couple of a Russian couple in 2010, was purchased for the Polish market.

It has now been sold for almost $1m.

In 2014, the family were renting the house from the city of Krakow for two years.

They were forced to move to the country in 2013, as the Polish government imposed restrictions on the internet.

At the time, the couple claimed that they had bought the domain for their daughter, who was going to become a nurse.

After the transfer was completed, they realised that the internet was still blocked, which meant that they could not use the internet to find a new address for their new home.

A couple of weeks ago, a local newspaper, Polskie Prawe, published an article titled Why are they so worried?

The family then contacted the authorities, who had asked them to transfer the domain to the authorities.

The Polish government did not reply to the family’s request for a transfer of the domain.

Poland is one of the countries where a domain name is registered and is not subject to any restrictions.

However, the new domain has not been registered in the country yet.

“I think that it was done in a very malicious way,” said Tomasz Kowalczyk, a Polish researcher on domain name law, to the Polish website Polska Polske.

Kowalcky said that the family decided to change the name of the home from “Wix” to the new name “Wex” as the family has a different identity. 

“It’s not like that Wix is an online company that is not under any government control.

It is a business which uses the internet for its own purposes,” he said. 

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Economic Affairs said that Polish authorities have ordered the transfer of Wix.eu to the government of the Republic of Poland, which is currently handling the registration of the new site.

Polish media have also reported that a Polish company, E.

Wex, is behind the attack on the new Wix domain.

While the attack has raised concerns about the security of the internet, the Polish authorities say that they are doing everything they can to prevent this from happening again.

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Earlier this month, the online retailer Wix announced that it had acquired the domain, and that it would be used to provide online shopping services to Polish consumers.