How to delete domains in your DND domains list

You’re probably aware of the fact that you can remove domains from your DNF domains list by using Domain Management.

If you’re new to domain management, let’s take a look at the process: Create a new domain.

Go to your domain’s settings page and add the domain name you want to delete to your DNNT.

Click Add Domain and choose the name you would like to delete from the list.

Select Delete Domain from the drop-down menu and then click OK.

Click Delete Domain.

You’re now done.

If your domain isn’t listed in your list, you can go to your Admin Console and select it, then click Edit Domain and add it to your list.

You can also delete domains from the Domain Management Console and then add them to your domains list.

This can be useful if you’re unsure of what domain you need to delete and don’t want to mess with Domain Management settings.

Once you’ve added a domain to your lists, it’s easy to remove it.

Just go to the Domain Manager tab in the Domain Services Admin Console, then select Delete Domain and then select the domain you want removed.

To get rid of a domain, click on the domain and then press Delete.