Why you should get rid of a website domain name on the cheap

Find the cheapest domain name for any project, even if it’s just a logo.

If you want a brand, a name that has some value, or a domain name that will stand the test of time, this article will show you why.

Domain name prices have gone up dramatically in recent years.

The average domain name price in the United States was just under $500 in December 2018, according to DomainMarket.com.

That’s down from about $800 in December 2015.

That trend is continuing.

As the market is still in the early stages of its evolution, you should still consider the best domain names for any kind of project you want to start or build.

Here’s how to find the cheapest options: Name Type Price Minimum Price Highest Price Yearly Domain Name Price $.com $1,927.99 $7,547.49 $1.99 1.99, 2,500,000,000.com 3,000 $.net $1 to $1 million $1 $1-$2 million.com 4,500 $1 billion.com 6,000 4,000 to 10,000 million. $5,000