Why you need to get online faster, experts say

A new study says you should aim to be online in just three minutes and three seconds.

That’s the average time it takes to get an email, open a new tab or browse the web, and it’s why some people can feel sluggish in their online browsing.

“We know that the amount of time that we spend on our computer can actually affect how fast we can do things,” said Dr. Richard J. Shulman, an associate professor of information technology at the University of Colorado Boulder.

“When we spend more time online, we tend to be more productive.”

So, to help you get online in less time, here’s a list of things you can do to improve your online speed.1.

Keep a list in your browser of things to do online2.

Set goals for your browsing sessions3.

Get a timer to measure your speed and efficiency4.

Try out a different device, such as a mobile phone, laptop or tablet5.

Do some research on the web and find something you love, and keep it on your list6.

Watch videos and podcasts with friends or online partners7.

Get rid of your mobile browser8.

Watch movies online and have them transcribed9.

Set up a free online chat service10.

Download apps from the App Store or Google Play