How to get a better idea of the value of your domain name

New Scientist, 1 September 2018 New Scientist’s domain name history feature lets you see the history of your website.

To use the feature, click the domain in the search bar on the left and then select “History”.

From here, you can filter by date and then by the domain’s owner.

This allows you to see a range of interesting historical information, including whether the site was started by you or by someone else.

It’s also useful to compare a domain to other similar domains in the same industry, so you can see if your website’s popularity and value have improved.

You can also use the “Compare Domain” option in the domain history, which will show you the previous history of a given domain, but not any subsequent history.

In this case, you’ll only see a subset of the domain names that were used to start and run your website, so the value may be more similar to what you’d see if you searched for the site name.

The search bar is also useful when comparing the values of different domains.

The top two options in the list below are useful to narrow down the results.

The “Compare domain” option lets you compare the current value of a domain with other similar ones in the industry.

You’ll be able to see how that domain compares with other domains in similar fields such as price, keywords and other features.

To find out more, see our full article on the new domain name system.

Search Results There’s also a number of other search options you can select, including: More search options: You can search for more than one domain name, including all domains in your industry.

Clicking “More search options” in the “Search results” section will also allow you to narrow your results to just those words.

The results will include all the domains that match the search criteria you specified.