What you need to know about Google’s purchase of the Oakland Raiders and their new stadium

Google’s acquisition of the Sacramento Kings has raised eyebrows from all corners of the sports world, but a couple of major sports leagues don’t seem to care.

The NBA and Major League Baseball’s collective bargaining agreement doesn’t prohibit them from exercising their right to strike an agreement that benefits all fans, and the NBA doesn’t seem too concerned.

As the LA Times noted on Monday, “MLB officials have said there are no plans to strike any such agreement.”

But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other issues that the league might not be able to resolve with the new owners.

“The NBA has been in touch with the NBA Players Association to see what could be done in light of the situation,” said a league source.

“If they want to strike, they could do so.

We would want to make sure the owners were clear that they had a chance to resolve the situation with the players.”