Top Trump adviser says US will ‘win’ Brexit talks

Axios – U.S. President Donald Trump’s top adviser on trade and Europe has said the U.K. will win a landmark trade deal with the EU and the United States if it votes to leave the bloc.

“I think we’re going to win,” Stephen Miller told CNN.

“Brexit will happen, I think that will happen.”

Trump has said he will not accept any deal that does not include the U,S.

The President told The Wall Street Journal on Thursday that the U and Britain would have to negotiate a deal that included a 35% tariff on U.N. trade deals.

He said he would then ask Britain’s new prime minister, Theresa May, to renegotiate its membership in the European Union, as well as its terms for leaving the bloc and agreeing to an open-border immigration system.

Miller’s comments were echoed by U.C. Berkeley economist Jeffrey St. Clair, who said that a Brexit vote would be “a major blow” to the U’s international competitiveness.