How to find out if the Israeli government will honor your domain in the future

An Israeli company has developed a software package that can detect if your domain is being used in a criminal investigation.

The Israeli-American software developer, Biktronix, claims to be able to detect whether a domain is registered by a company or an individual, and if it is, the company will issue a notice of the violation.

The company has created a tool to find suspected criminal domain registrations in Israel, and in the coming days, the site will be updated to offer additional information, such as a map of the site that shows where the domain is located.

BiktoX claims that it can distinguish between domains registered by individuals and companies, and can detect that a domain may be used in cases involving a “criminal offense” such as money laundering or drug trafficking.

The software will be integrated into Israel’s official criminal registry, which will help investigators to better understand the types of crimes they are looking into, said Benjamin Gershon, BikerNet’s chief technology officer.

Gershon said that the company has seen a rise in criminal domain registration cases in Israel over the past few years, which has led to a rise of public pressure on the Israeli authorities to make it easier for the country to keep track of domain registration data.

Israel has long been a pioneer in tracking domain registrars, with the government in 2015 making it mandatory for any company to register their domain name.

However, the registration process is a complicated one and the government only allows companies to register the domain name of their employees or contractors, rather than the owner.

Israel’s government also doesn’t allow foreign companies to own domain names, though some companies do manage to register them.

The government, however, does allow foreign individuals and corporations to register domain names.

Israel, for example, has allowed several companies to become the registered registrants of domain names for its citizens, including a prominent telecommunications company.

In September, the Israeli parliament passed legislation that allows companies that use its registry to also register their own domain name, which is often used to sell products.

The Biktocronix software will allow users to search for domain names on the Israel domain registry by using keywords like “Israel.”

Gerson said that there are other similar services, including one called Domains and Domains Registration Authority, which was designed for countries such as Canada and the United States, but he said the Biktionix software is the first to offer a tool that is specifically geared toward Israel.

Biktocionix will be launched on April 23 and will be distributed free to registrarians, with no charge to users.

A company spokesperson said that users will have access to a live map of their domain, which should show whether the domain has been registered in Israel.

Israelis will be able register domains using a “simple, intuitive interface,” according to the company.

The interface is also available in English, French, and German.